Mag.iur. Bassel ALI

Allgemein beeideter und gerichtlich zertifizierter Dolmetscher für die arabische Sprache

مترجم محلف عام ومعتمد للغة العربية لدى المحاكم والدوائر الرسمية في النمسا

Generally sworn and certified Translator and Interpreter for Arabic Language

What is a sworn Translation?

A sworn translation is one which fulfills the requirements in the country in question, enabling it to be used in formal procedures, with the translator accepting responsibility for its accuracy. These requirements vary widely from country to country. While some countries allow only state-appointed translators to produce such translations, others will accept those carried out by any competent bilingual individual. Between these two extremes are countries where a certified translation can be carried out by any professional translator with the correct credentials (which may include membership of specific translation associations or the holding of certain qualifications). 

What is a sworn Translator?

Sworn translators must pass a public examination and may only translate into the languages for which they have been examined. They don’t necessarily have to be specialists in the type of document they are translating to certify them.

However, it brings a lot of responsibility. By guaranteeing the authenticity and reliability of the original (by means of a stamp), they can face criminal accountability for errors in the translation.